At Fast 'n' Furious dog training we feel agility, obedience and clicker training are all fantastic ways for owners to bond with their dogs and build a long and trusting relationship, making our services ideal for anyone with a rescue dog.


A lot of  dogs that end up in rescue centres are the high energy type which need mental exercise as well as physical which means they are perfect for agility training.


Below are the stories and pictures of some of the rescue dogs which train with Fast 'n' furious, we hope they inspire you to consider rescuing one of the many dogs who are looking for a new home.

Meet Kia, Kennel Club Registered Name Kia Keltic Kutie. Kia came to stay with Nadine and Stuart when she was 2 years old from the SSPCA shelter in Balerno Edinburgh where she had spent a year of her very sad short life.

Nadine and Stuart instantly fell in love with her and could see past all of her problems and knew she was the dog for them.
















Prior to being rescued Kia had enjured a horrific life where her owner

 had starved, neglected and stabbed her. Her previous owner was eventually charged with Maltreating her but unfortunately the charges were a mere £500 fine and a 3 year ban on keeping dogs. However despite her earlyexperiences of life Kia is a very happy dog who loves her toys, cuddles, walks and of course her food.


Kia and Nadine joined Fast 'n' Furious when she was 3 years old and nearly didn't start at all as Kia was too scared to come into the training field. This was one of the many challenges that Kia was to overcome while she learned to tackle each part of equipment which makes an agility course, but despite the difficulty (it took 3 years for Kia to gain the courage and attempt the seesaw by her self) with each success came a little more confidence until the happy dog we all now know at Fast 'n' Furious developed.


Kia now can only be described as an agility addict who is known to go into a "depression" when the training has to be cancelled for more than a couple of weeks.


Quote From Nadine


"Kia is an absolute star and I am very proud of everything she has achieved, but to see her go to agility shows and enjoy herself is an absolute miracle. The transformation in Kia is remarkable and in no small part due to the dedication and patience of all at Fast 'n' Furious"





Sky (Kennel name - The Sky Project)  came to us just before his 2nd birthday. He is profoundly deaf and partially sighted in both eyes, but we don’t know how bad this is other than his peripheral vision is not 100%.
























He had been in B.A.R.K (Berwickshire Animal Rescue Kennels) for 6 months so was well and truly institutionalised. Prior to this he had been with a family that apparently were quite cruel to him. Young children in the family would sneak up and jump on him for fun! They had originally saved him from being shot by a farmer as a pup when he realised he was deaf which makes their treatment of him even worse!


When he came to us he was very thin, and suffering from kennel stress. He was so bad to start with that our vets were treating him for epilepsy, when actually all he needed was a settled routine and a job to do, which turned out to be agility . He would circle and snap into the air most days when anxious and circle in corners of rooms or around the coffee table. He did this every time he was let out into the garden and just seemed to go into his own world, and we had to snap him out of it. We had to take him out on a long line hail, rain or snow. It was 8 months before he came back in like a “normal” dog for the first time. What was a big help was that we had two other dogs (now three other dogs) and they would help snap him out of it.


His progress since then has been steady but good. He is still very nervous of new people and only really trusts Fraser and I. A massive step forward for him was coming to agility and all the trainers and club members have been very supportive and helpful. Cathy has been a huge influence on him and us and has given us the confidence to trust him. He doesn’t even growl much at Cathy now! He is ready to compete and we are hugely proud of him. He is now a happy and settled member of the family and we wouldn’t be without him!



Some of our other rescue dogs that train and compete in agility with Fast 'n' Furious














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